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Added to the blog: F.B. Meyer’s “Joshua and the Land of Promise” in PDF

June 16, 2018

If you are looking for a commentary – particularly a devotional commentary – I would recommend that you consider F.B. Meyer’s Joshua and the Land of Promise, which can be found in PDF at the link.  This book is replete with lessons to be learned from the life and example of Joshua, such as this excerpt from page 128 or thereabouts:

There are days so extraordinary for the combination of difficult circumstances, human opposition, and spiritual conflict that they stand out in unique terror from the rest of our lives. Looking back on them, we may almost adopt the language of the sacred writer, ‘There was no day like that before it or after it.’

But these days do not come, if we are living in fellowship with God, intent on doing his will, without there coming also his sweet ‘Fear them not; for I have delivered them into thine hands!’ Our only anxiety should be that nothing divert us from his path, or intercept the communication of his grace. Like a wise commander, we must keep open the passage back to our base of operations, which is God. Careful about that, we need have no anxious care beside. The greatness of our difficulties is permitted to elicit the greatness of his grace.

That sentence, “The greatness of our difficulties is permitted to elicit the greatness of his grace”, is one that we should all remember in hard times.

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