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A reminder: The Rev. Dick Begbie’s “The Anglican Faith: A Layman’s Guide”

June 27, 2018

I thought that I would repost this again because I think “The Anglican Faith: A Layman’s Guide” is a very helpful book. One thing that continues to concern me is the level of literacy in theological and doctrinal matters among our laity.  I know there are some very knowledgeable men and women among our laypeople – certainly there are a number of bloggers, for example, out there who are laypeople and from whom I have learned much.  But at the same time we have other laypeople who simply have never been taught the true richness of Anglican doctrine and practice.  Such is one reason I highlight the theological books you see mentioned here.

But it is also true that many (though not all) of these books require a certain amount of theological knowledge to even begin to comprehend them – in other words, one would almost need to already be a theologian to use them.  With that in mind, I would like to highlight a PDF book available for download from the Latimer Trust, “The Anglican Faith: A Layman’s Guide” by the Rev. Dick Begbie of South Africa.  This book approaches doctrine by using the Thirty-Nine Articles, and goes article by article for laypeople; indeed, it was written expressly for laity.  If you are interested in a book on the Anglican faith written for laypeople, please give “The Anglican Faith: A Layman’s Guide” a look.

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