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From The Gospel Coalition: Christopher Ash on “7 Reasons You Should Pray the Psalms”

August 28, 2018

The Psalms are often called “the Prayer Book of the Bible” and deservedly so.  Here, from Christopher Ash, currently writer-in-residence at Tyndale House in Cambridge, England, is an excellent essay on 7 Reasons You Should Pray the Psalms.  This is one of the reasons he gives:

2. Praying the Psalms trains us to respond to the riches of Bible truth.

All the wonderful truth of the Bible is poured into the Psalms in such a way that we learn to delight in God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The church father Athanasius says that if we think of each Bible book as a garden with its particular fruit, the Psalter is a garden in which every kind of biblical fruit grows. Perhaps that’s why travelers in pre-digital days would sometimes carry a New Testament and Psalms where they couldn’t take a complete Bible.

It takes a while to learn from the Psalms how to respond to the whole of the Bible’s teaching. But it’s worth the effort. If we learn to pray the Psalms, we will have learned to respond in prayer to every facet of biblical truth.

There is a lot packed into a few words here, but I think you will find 7 Reasons You Should Pray the Psalms worth reading.


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