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The Rev. Stephen McAlpine: “What Might A Post-Christian Landscape Look Like?”

October 2, 2018

A few days ago I came across an essay by the Rev. Stephen McAlpine of Perth, Australia on What Might A Post-Christian Landscape Look Like? and thought it well worth pointing out.  He asks: “What might the landscape look like if the church in the West disappeared? What would change? Would we even notice the difference? Could such a thing even happen anyway?” He then goes on to mention C.S. Lewis’ thoughts on the matter:

CS Lewis once observed that the landscape without Christianity will not revert to the virgin land it once was, but will, like a streetscape of old houses that has been razed, and over which the vegetation has taken hold once again, contain memories of the old ways: some bricks here, a broken toy or a fork there.  It can never go back to what it was before.

This also explains why the language of saints and sinners, of right and wrong, of transgression and salvation, remain even while their reference points have changed dramatically.

Quite an interesting essay, if you have the time.


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