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From The North American Anglican: Fr. Isaac Rehberg on “A Liturgical Bait-and-Switch”

October 3, 2018

Writing for The North American Anglican, Fr. Isaac Rehberg has penned a response to this article by Drew Nathaniel Keane in The Living Church, and his title is A Liturgical Bait-and-Switch.  I commend both articles to you.  One thing that emerges from these articles: the ACNA’s approach to a new Prayer Book “seems to begin with the 1979 prayer book as a base text and bring it into closer alignment with historic Anglican prayer books.”  I am sorry to hear this as I had hoped they would start with the 1662 or 1928 BCP as a base text.

Reading both articles will certainly help anyone get a better picture of what the ACNA is doing in regards to a new Prayer Book.  Hopefully they will be able to avoid the creation of what turns out to be a “Book of Alternative Services”!

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