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An interesting Anglican blog: “Faith and Gender: Five Aspects of Man”

October 12, 2018

I thought I would mention a blog by Fr. William Mouser called Faith and Gender: Five Aspects of Man.  He, along with his wife, Barbara runs the International Council for Gender Studies, which “was founded in 1991 by evangelical Christians in America and Europe who are committed to speaking the historic Christian faith to Christians in the Twenty-first Century. We think that non-biblical tenets of religious feminists within the professing modern Church are not only corrosive to society at large, but also pose a threat to the spiritual vitality and integrity of the Church. Persuaded that God has spoken through the Prophets and Apostles in the Bible concerning human sexuality, the original founders and supporters of ICGS joined together to call Christians to reaffirm and to live anew the whole counsel of God as He has spoken concerning gender issues.”

Fr. Mouser has several blog posts up on topics such as Objections to a Masculine God, Part One and these are well written and well thought out counter-arguments to some ideas that seem to be sweeping through our culture today.  (Hat tip: The Old Jamestown Church blog)

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