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From Reformation Trust and Ligonier Ministries: a free ebook on Martin Luther

October 25, 2018

For Reformation Week, Reformation Trust is offering a free ebook, The Legacy of Luther, edited by R.C. Sproul and Stephen J. Nichols.  (This offer is good for the next seven days or so, so it does have a time limit.)  Their email text included the following:

He was one of the most influential men of his day. His posting of the Ninety-Five Theses sparked the Protestant Reformation. In him, we find an example of bravery, conviction, and dependence on God’s Word at all costs.

Meet the Reformer who set the world ablaze. In The Legacy of Luther, edited by R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols, fifteen distinguished scholars and pastors survey Martin Luther’s life, thought, and lessons for today. In honor of Reformation Week, you can download the ebook edition for free.This book is an uncompromising reminder that, like Luther, we must stand firm for the biblical gospel.

This special offer ends at 11:59 p.m. ET on October 31, so download your free ebook today. And don’t forget to tell your friends, family, and church community about this giveaway.

If you are interested in the life and work of Martin Luther, this free ebook is worth a look.

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