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The Rev. David Robertson: “How does Good Theology Lead to Good Society, Law and Politics?”

October 27, 2018

From the proprietor of The Wee Flea blog, here are some thoughts on the relationship of theology to society, law and politics.  His notes say:

Modern society tends to be presented with two assumed opposites with regard to the relationship between Christianity and society. On the one hand it is assumed that society should be secular and that religion should be at the level of a private club. The alternative to this is assumed to be a kind of Christian theocracy where the church runs the State and pastors have as much political power as politicians. There is another, more biblical way. This talk looks at how what we believe affects the way we behave and changes society for the better. We also look at how theology impacts society, law and politics. The ‘salt and light’ model of Jesus Christ is one that is more desperately needed in contemporary society than ever.

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