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The Rev. Ian Garrett: “Where to Look When God Seems Weak” (Exodus 5-6)

April 26, 2019

From the good people of Jesmond Parish Church in the United Kingdom, here is a message by the Rev. Ian Garrett, titled “Where to Look When God Seems Weak”. It is based on the fifth and sixth chapters of Exodus and the YouTube notes say “When something terrible happens on the world stage or maybe just in your own personal experience, where do you look to find out what God is really like? Is he weak? Does he care? What is really going on? Ian Garrett shows us that the answers lie in Exodus 5-6 where we see that the Bible is a whole history of events staged and explained especially by God to show us what he is really like. In the Old Testament, the event par excellence where God does this is the Exodus of his people from slavery in Egypt. So here we learn that despite mounting personal, governmental and spiritual opposition, God is not weak, rather the contrary – he does care and he can and will redeem his people.”

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