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From Crossway: Kevin De Young on “Who Needs Dogma when Stigma Will Do?”

May 12, 2019

The Rev. Kevin De Young, in his essay Who Needs Dogma when Stigma Will Do?, makes some very good points about why we should care about theology, such as this one:

If we want to be Christians who care about theology—and I hope that goes without saying if you are a Christian—then you must care about words. Recognize that you have a theology, even if you aren’t a Christian. You ought to care about your theology.

If you don’t, we can see it as one of the surest signs that a person, a church, or a movement is sliding into liberalism (I use that as an identifiable thing not just as a bogeyman). Sliding into liberalism is when you no longer take the time or make the effort to define your terms.

You can either read the essay at the link above, or watch his video.


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