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From The Porcine blog: another take on the 2019 BCP, regarding prayers for the dead

June 30, 2019

Courtesy of Christ Church South Bend’s Twitter, I learned about a post from the author of The Porcine blog titled On Prayers for the Dead: Part 1 of a discussion regarding the 2019 BCP.  He points out this information:

What of the 2019 BCP then? I myself count 18 direct intercessions regarding the individual soul of the recently departed, not even counting prayers for the entire Church both living and dead, between the Ministry to the Dying, Prayers for a Vigil, Burial of the Dead, and the additional prayers. The 2019 also continues the 1979 BCP’s practice of a quite long burial service paired with Holy Communion, another feature that departs from the 1662 tradition of a brief service involving almost entirely scripture (and yes, I am aware of the 1549’s attachment of a communion service).

If this gets your attention, I would certainly commend his post to you.

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