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From the Beeson Institute of Anglican Studies: a podcast on “The Anglicanism of N.T. Wright”

November 24, 2019

I came across another podcast from the Beeson Institute of Anglican Studies that is interesting to me because it is an interview with N.T. Wright.  Its title is The Anglicanism of N.T. Wright and it features N.T. Wright sitting down with Gerald McDermott of Beeson to discuss Anglicanism, his life as a bishop, and current challenges for global Anglicanism.  (The transcript can be read here.)  Perhaps the most powerful statement Bp. Wright makes is his response to this question: I think most of the people who listen to this podcast would call themselves “orthodox Anglicans.” Very, very concerned about the future of the communion, and the battles between orthodoxy and what they would call heresies. What should orthodox Anglicans do to promote orthodoxy in the Anglican communion?  Here is his reply:

I’m going to sound like a cracked gramophone record. They need to pray their socks off and they need to be studying the Bible to discern fresh words for our time, not fresh in the sense of trivial novelty, but fresh in the sense of coming from the deep roots of the faith. God always has new things. I know people have taken that line from an 18th century theologian, “God has yet more light to break out of His holy Word,” and they’ve taken that in a radical sense, “so, we can actually change some of this.” No, God has genuine light to break out of His holy Word and we need in every generation to be encouraging young people to embrace that challenge as a lifelong vocation.

I do not know, structurally, how this will play out. I do believe that Church unity absolutely matters. The principalities and powers of the world take no notice of a divided Church, which is why Paul says in Ephesians that through the Church the manifold wisdom of God is to be made known to the principalities and powers.

So, unity really matters, but as I say again and again unity and holiness must go together. Holiness is easy if you don’t believe in unity. Unity is easy if you don’t believe in holiness. The Pauline agenda is to be working at both simultaneously. And that is really tough. It takes prayer and suffering and patience.

And here is the audio of the podcast.

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