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The Rev. Ryan Muir: “Fear God” (Exodus 19:1-25)

January 27, 2020

From the good people of Jesmond Parish Church in the United Kingdom, here is a sermon on “Fear God” by the Rev. Ryan Muir.  The YouTube notes say “Many people have wrong ways of relating to God. Some think of him as a ‘first-responder god’ whose job it is to make sure nothing bad ever happens. Others think of him as a ‘fairy god’ who grants every request we ask of him. And others a ‘fault-finding god’ who is out simply to spoil our fun. All those views, and others, can lead us to conclude that God doesn’t exist. The Bible, however, tells us many right ways of relating to him. Tonight’s is ‘Fear God’.”  This is certainly a valuable point – there is indeed the “holy fear” of the Lord that is part of how we relate to Him.

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