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The Rev. Dr. Peter Toon: “Those Gesimas: Septua, Sexa, Quinqua”

February 8, 2020

As we are now entering the pre-Lenten period in which, if one still uses one of the historic Prayer Books such as the 1928 BCP, we observe the Sundays before Lent known as “those Gesimas”, I thought I would link to this article written by the late Dr. Peter Toon.  Dr. Toon, in Those Gesimas: Septua, Sexa, Quinqua , explains that “these Sundays emerged as a preparatory cycle for Lent in the West.”  He further explains that this is a time of preparation:

The Collect for Septuagesima which begins the short cycle anticipates two chief ideas of Lent – the confession of our sin and its just punishment, and the prayer for forgiveness from God’s mercy in Jesus Christ. Thus in these three weeks the faithful begin to turn their minds to Lent, its solemnity and how they will keep it, in joining with their Lord in his fasting, meditating, praying and resisting temptation in the wilderness.

May this pre-Lenten period be one in which we make ready to turn to Him.  (In this post I am updating a previous post with a new link that works for Dr. Toon’s article.)

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