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From “Tracts for the Times”, Tract 23: a thought from A. P. Perceval

April 30, 2020

Normally I am not one to quote from the “Tracts for the Times”, though I do respect some of the Tractarians greatly – men such as E.B. Pusey.  But this excerpt from Tract 23, which is titled The Faith and Obedience of Churchmen, the Strength of the Church, is striking in this time of pandemic.  It was written by Arthur Phillip Perceval.

If times of confusion and trouble shall come, where can we seek for comfort but in the love of CHRIST, in the love of GOD to man for CHRIST’S sake? But how can we then take comfort in that love, if now we take no account of it? Let me entreat you, then, Christian Brethren, while the days of peace are vouchsafed to you, to give more and more heed to all religious duties. The days may come, when your Churches will be shut up, or only filled by men who will not teach the whole truth as it is in JESUS; when you will be deprived of Ministers of Religion; or have only such as are destitute of GOD’S Commission. Do not, I beseech you, by your neglect now, add to your misery then the bitterness of self-reproach, when you will have to say, ‘I had once the opportunity of worshipping GOD aright, but I neglected it, and He now has withheld it from me. I had once the means of receiving the Body and Blood of my SAVIOUR, at the hands of His own Minister; but I refused it, and now He has placed it out of my power.’

May the Lord grant that when we are again able to assemble together to worship Him in spirit and truth, that we will appreciate and treasure such an opportunity to do so.

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