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The Rev. Costi Hinn: “The Importance of Preaching Sound Doctrine”

August 27, 2020

From the Rev. Costi Hinn, pastor of Mission Bible Church in Orange County, California, we have this essay on The Importance of Preaching Sound Doctrine and it certainly is on point for our day.  He makes these main points about sound doctrine and why it is important:

  1. It is Required of Faithful Pastor-Elders
  2. It Saves the Lost
  3. It Empowers the Saved
  4. It Purifies the Church
  5. It Impacts the Future

About the fourth of these points, he writes:

Preaching sound doctrine is important because it not only produces strong believers, it purifies the church of false ones. This may not seem like a very “nice” strategy, but consider for a moment what Jesus did to thin out the ranks of those who were superficially following Him merely for divine favors. Luke records Jesus delivering one of His toughest truths when the crowds were large (Luke 14:25-35). Jesus was dishing out free food, miracles, and wisdom, but the minute He pushed into deep doctrine and hard truths, it divided the real followers from the false ones. True converts love God’s Word, false converts will be repulsed by it.

Eventually, as books of the Bible are unpacked and the glorious doctrines contained in Scripture are laid bare for all to see, a decision will inevitably be made by those who hear the truth. Their hearts will either turn towards it, or they’ll scoff at it and turn away. This is a vital part of a preacher’s duty in the ministry of the word. In doing so he is participating in Christ’s building of His church, which includes purging it of imposters.

I found this to be an essay well worth reading.

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