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Prof. Victor Davis Hanson: “The Origins of Western Civilization”

September 12, 2020

From Prof. Victor Davis Hanson, here is a rather good presentation on “The Origins of Western Civilization”.  I understand that this is to be the first in an 8-part series on “The Odyssey of Western Civilization” by the Freedom Academy.  The YouTube notes say “The West arose in a particular time and place, Greece in the eighth century B.C., during the dark age that followed the collapse of Mycenaean civilization. An agricultural revolution gave rise to the autonomous yeoman farmer, backbone of the democratic city-state. Their innovations included constitutional government, free-market economics, private property and individual liberty – concepts unknown in Mycenae, not to mention Egypt and Mesopotamia. Here the West begins.”

This should be an excellent series to help us better understand how Western civilization arose – and perhaps be able to help it continue to flourish.

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