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Free e-book: Brian Byars’ Lectio Divina: James

I consider it a privilege to be able to assist in making available a free e-book by Brian Byars, titled Lectio Divina: James.  Brian has written what I believe will be a very helpful prayer journal for studying, meditating, and praying through the Epistle of James.  The introduction is very helpful and quite informative about the history and practice of lectio divina, and his Scriptural cross-references are quite thorough.  He is making this particular volume available at no cost, so I hope you will give this a try; as of the date I am writing this, it is the beginning of Lent and I think it would be a wonderful Lenten discipline.  Lectio Divina: James is in PDF format.

If you like this concept, he is working on additional volumes and in fact a volume on 1 and 2 Thessalonians and a volume on Ephesians are now available in print from Lulu Press, and can be ordered here.  You can also check out Brian’s website at


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