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From Church Society: the Rev. Dr. Peter Adam on “Thomas Cranmer: Evangelising the Nation (i)”

June 22, 2017

This may turn out to be “Thomas Cranmer Week” as Church Society has posted two excellent presentations by Peter Adam on Thomas Cranmer: Evangelising the Nation.  These messages were given at the 2017 Church Society Conference and in the first one, Dr. Adam “described the various ways in which England had been evangelised prior to the Reformation, and then detailed Cranmer’s strategy. Through the lectionary, ordinary people could hear large sections of Scripture read aloud, in their own language, day by day. By getting the Bible into the ears – and thus the minds and hearts – of people, Cranmer sought to win them for Christ.”  Very much worth a listen.

From The Eric Metaxas Show: Dr. Ashley Null on Thomas Cranmer (!)

June 21, 2017

Today I came across a pleasant surprise: an interview of none other than the Rev. Dr. Ashley Null on The Eric Metaxas Show!  The topic of this interview is Thomas Cranmer, and I think you will enjoy it.

From Tony Payne on “What is a disciple and what is disciple-making?”

June 19, 2017

Quite often we need to be reminded of what it is to be disciples, and what it is to make disciples.  Here is a presentation by Tony Payne, co-author of The Vine Project, on this topic, at (click on the link).  Churches might find The Vine Project to be something very beneficial to their mission.

The Rev. Vaughan Roberts: “Knowing God” (1 John 2:3-11)

June 18, 2017

From St. Ebbe’s Church in Oxford, here is an audio sermon by the Rev. Vaughan Roberts titled Knowing God.  This is the next in a series on the First Epistle of John that is called “Walking in the Light”.  What an apt title for this series, and anything by Vaughan Roberts is well worth hearing.

Mark Steyn on “The Seduction of Violence”

June 17, 2017

This seems to be a prescient video from Mark Steyn, because it was taped hours before the Washington baseball field shootings in which Congressman Steve Scalise and others were injured.  In “The Seduction of Violence“, Mark looks at recent examples of political violence, and the left’s preference not for winning the debate but for shutting down the debate – by any means necessary.

The Rev. Coty Pinckney: “In the World But Not Of the World” (Genesis 38)

June 15, 2017

Here is the next in a good series of audio sermons on the Book of Genesis from the Rev. Coty Pinckney of Desiring God Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina. Its title is In the World But Not Of the World and it is based on Genesis 38. (The sermon text can be read here.) This message starts out by asking a very applicable question for us now: “How should Christians relate to a non-Christian culture?”

From Bill Whittle and company: “Welcome to the Progressive Future”

June 14, 2017

From Bill Whittle, Stephen Green and Scott Ott, here is a discussion titled “Welcome to the Progressive Future”.  In this one, they talk about whether terrorism is “the new normal” and whether Western traditions of liberty prevent us from taking action against inflammatory speech, among other things.  Quite a timely discussion.


Stefan Molyneux on “What Do I Do?”

June 13, 2017

This is quite an interesting monologue from Stefan Molyneux on “What Do I Do?” about opposing evil and working to better our times.  While he is coming from a secular perspective, he almost seems, to me, to be acknowledging original sin, though he certainly does not use those words.  I suppose he simply has a realistic view of the human condition.

Something Different: Chesnokov’s “Let Thy Good Spirit” performed by the Te Deum Chamber Choir

June 11, 2017

From the Te Deum Chamber Choir of Kansas City, here is a performance of Chesnokov’s “Let Thy Good Spirit”; this piece is based on Psalm 143:10 (“Let thy good spirit lead me on a level path.”)

Another free book in Kindle format: “C.S. Lewis: A Life Inspired” by Christopher Gordon

June 10, 2017

Today I came across a book on C.S. Lewis titled C.S. Lewis: A Life Inspired, by Christopher Gordon that is currently available free in Kindle format.  If you have been wanting to know more about C.S. Lewis, this is a short (132 pages) and quite readable overview of his life.  The Amazon page has this review of the book by Dr. Rick Shrader:

This is a new attempt at giving the spiritual journey of Lewis beginning with his separated childhood, secluded in a country house with nothing but books, to his life of notoriety as an Oxford professor of English Literature and author. It is different than a standard biography, though it covers the major events in Lewis’ life chronologically, even his literary works, but more than that its purpose is to watch God as the divine Angler, pull His fish in over time and circumstance. It is not a long read, but one that would touch a similar atheist or agnostic and bring him on his journey to faith. – Dr. Rick Shrader, Founder, Aletheia Baptist Ministries

If you are interested in C.S. Lewis, you may want to give C.S. Lewis: A Life Inspired a try; note I do not know how long it will be free.