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Something Different: Christopher Wren Singers perform Tallis’ Nunc Dimittis

July 24, 2021

One benefit of listening to Parish Prayer over the last couple of years has been learning more about the various musical settings for the Magnificat and the Nunc Dimittis. In particular I have learned that I really like Thomas Tallis’ settings to these. Here is one for the Nunc Dimittis that is performed by the Christopher Wren Singers. They sing this very well.

From Anglican Audio: “Manhood, the Household, and the War for the Cosmos”

July 23, 2021

Here is another podcast from Anglican Audio that is very much worthy of our attention: Manhood, the Household, and the War for the Cosmos. In this episode, Fr. Bart Gingerich talks with the Rev. C. R. Wiley, author of Man of the House and The Household and the War for the Cosmos, about “giving young men a vision and script for manhood, what a household is for, how households are important to the Church and God’s renewal of the creation, the problems resulting from weakened households, how productive households can plant the seeds of cultural renewal, and a whole gamut of politically incorrect insights and thoughts.” This would be a good podcast for all of us to hear in these turbulent times.

The Rev. Brian Elfick: “Superficial or Spiritual?”

July 22, 2021

In the past I have mentioned the Rev. Brian Elfick’s sermons, as he is indeed a fine preacher. As it happens he is now at St. Philemon’s Church in Toxteth in the United Kingdom, and here is a sermon he preached on “Superficial or Spiritual?”, the first in a series. It is based on 2 Corinthians 4:7-12.

From The Pastor’s Heart: “Imitate me as I imitate Christ” – with Peter Mayrick

July 21, 2021

It would be a good idea indeed for churches – and perhaps dioceses as well – to put some thought into developing future leaders. From The Pastor’s Heart, here is an interview with Peter Mayrick that addresses this:

Most of us would agree that the purpose of the Church is to make disciples – but as Christian leaders, how do we engage in discipling our flock?

It’s a reflective episode as we discuss what our staff and congregations require from us. 

We talk with Peter Mayrick, from Sydney’s Centre for Ministry Development about Church leadership, setting Church culture and discipling individuals. 

Peter shares his experience, outlining how to intentionally ensure your people are growing in Jesus. 

Peter  shares his model for training senior leaders and how to have serious, encouraging congregations. He also shares how to change Church culture and ensure staff and key lay leaders feel supported. 

The Rev. Dick Lucas: “God has spoken: The Son” (Hebrews 1:1-4)

July 20, 2021

Here is the first message in a series by the Rev. Dick Lucas, and the series has the title “God has spoken”. The notes for this series say “The first two chapters of Hebrews introduce key themes of the letter: the final word of God and the finished work of Christ. The knowledge of God has been mediated through human writers and language; angels have also played their part. Finally, God has spoken and acted through his Son. What then is required of us now?”

The first message in the series is on “The Son” and it covers verses 1-4 of Chapter One.

From Anglican Aid: prayer requests for South Africa as violence escalates

July 19, 2021

If you are keeping up with what is going on in South Africa now, you might read this report from Anglican Aid of Australia that talks about the situation there and has these specific prayer requests:

Please pray:

  • That the Lord will show his hand of mercy and quell violence and criminal acts. 
  • That South Africa’s leaders will exercise wise leadership both in speech and action as they try to quell factions and build unity.
  • That the country’s leaders may respond rightly and justly in curbing violence and protecting the citizens of South Africa.
  • For the resolution of many underlying frustrations that are fueling protest including the ongoing COVID crisis, unemployment, racism, gender violence, violent crime and political factions.
  • For Christians in political and community leadership roles to use their influence to encourage peaceful actions and protection of lives and property.
  • For the safety of ministry workers, church members and church properties in areas of violence and upheaval. 
  • That the Lord may give Anglican Aid’s project partners in South Africa the courage and wisdom to act rightly as his united people in these days of great trial. 
  • For wisdom and discernment for the staff at Umthombo Wempilo, and protection for the women they care for.
  • For God’s people to visibly demonstrate true reconciliation, unity and peace that is found in Christ and seen in the ‘every tongue, tribe and nation’ family of God. 
  • For God to work through this crisis to draw people to himself.

(Hat tip: Anglican Church League)

From Great St. Bartholomew: Choral Mattins & Sermon for the Seventh Sunday after Trinity

July 18, 2021

From Great St. Bartholomew in the United Kingdom, here is a service of Choral Mattins with a sermon for this Sunday. The preacher and officiant is Fr. Marcus Walker, the Rector. Please note: the service starts around the 15:30 mark on this video.

Responses: Shephard

Psalms: 67 and 70

First Lesson: Deuteronomy 30:1–10

Canticles: Collegium Regale – Howells

Second Lesson: 1 Peter 3:8–18

Anthem: The day draws on with golden light – Bairstow

Postlude: Toccata (from Toccata, Chorale, & Fugue) – Francis Jackson

Something Different: the Iceland Symphony Orchestra plays Scriabin’s Piano Concerto – I Allegro

July 17, 2021

Here is a performance of the first movement of Alexander Scriabin’s Piano Concerto, from the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. They are truly first-rate and I think you will enjoy this.

Lancelot Andrewes on The Lord’s Prayer

July 16, 2021

This week I have either found or been told about two books on the Internet Archive that feature Lancelot Andrewes writing about The Lord’s Prayer.

The first of these is from his Private Devotions, and it consists of short paraphrases of The Lord’s Prayer that you can read starting on p. 283 of this book: Private Devotions

The second of these is from a series of sermons on The Lord’s Prayer from volume five of Andrewes’ Ninety-six Sermons. They start on p. 351 here: Ninety-six Sermons, Volume 5

If you are looking for classical Anglican commentary on The Lord’s Prayer, these are not a bad place to look!

From Forward in Faith: a press release from their Assembly in Dallas

July 15, 2021

Courtesy of Fr. Steve Macias, here is a press release from FIFNA regarding their Assembly in Dallas and the election of their new President, Bishop Eric Menees:

DALLAS, TEXAS, JULY 14, 2021 — Forward in Faith North American (FIFNA) is pleased to announce the election of the Right Reverend Dr. Eric Menees of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin as the next President of our organization. Bishop Menees brings to the role an impressive resume of leadership experiences and a love for the Catholic tradition in the Anglican Church.

The 2021 FIFNA Assembly was held at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Communion in conjunction with the Anglican Way Institute Conference with representation from throughout the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) including Bishop Keith Ackerman (bishop vicar of the Diocese of Quincy and Assisting Bishop of Fort Worth), Bishop Jack Iker (retired Bishop of Fort Worth), Bishop Eric Menees (Diocese of San Joaquin), Bishop Ray Sutton (Presiding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church) and Bishop Walter Banek (Suffragan Bishop of Mid-America), along with clergy and lay members of various ACNA dioceses such as the Missionary Diocese of All Saints and the Diocese of Western Anglicans.

Bp. Sutton offered the keynote address outlining the recovery of the evangelical and catholic comprehensiveness of the Anglican heritage and identity within the Reformed Episcopal Church. Bp. Sutton developed how the 19th century founding Bishop of the Reformed Episcopal Church, George David Cummins, wanted to align his evangelical and low churchmanship with a prominent High Churchman, William Augustus Muhlenberg, as an expression of the larger vision. Bishop Cummins even asked Muhlenberg to be the first Bishop of the REC. However, Muhlenberg’s not being led to join Bishop Cummins, and the untimely, early death of the Presiding Bishop, meant the original vision would take a century to be realized.

During the last quarter of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st centuries, the recovery of the historic 1662/1928 prayerbooks and the Thirty-Nine Articles, ecumenical relationships with one of the leading Continuing Anglican and the Anglican Church of Nigeria jurisdictions, reception of a Catholic Anglican diocese into the REC from the Continuing Anglican Church movement, and participation as a founding member of the Anglican Church in North America, all opened the way for the recovery of Bishop Cummins’ original evangelical and catholic together vision.

Bishop Sutton explained that the REC today has not wavered from its historic commitment to the authority of Scripture, the Gospel, the historic Cranmer Prayer Book, the Articles of Religion, and the received tradition of a male-only Holy Orders. This realized perspective of the historic Anglican Way of evangelical and catholic united around the common prayer tradition, combined with a new missional vision to plant 100 new REC missions and churches, has transformed the REC into the fastest-growing traditional prayer book Anglican jurisdiction.

Outgoing FIFNA President Rev. Canon Lawrence Bausch expressed his gratefulness for Bishop Menees willingness to lead the organization. “We have been so very pleased to see faithfulness to the prayerbook tradition as an important goal of the College of Bishops in the ACNA,” said Father Bausch. “It fills our entire council with hope to see clergy and lay leaders embracing the catholic vision of Anglicanism as the faith believed ‘everywhere, always, by all.’”

In his first remarks as FIFNA President, Bishop Menees outlined his goals for introducing FIFNA to more Diocese inside of the ACNA by hosting future events throughout the province. “I’m honored and excited to advance the work of Forward in Faith, which represents decades of standing firm on our common Apostolic witness as Orthodox Anglicans. I believe our catholic and sacramental identity is an essential part of what it means for us to reach North America with the transforming love of Jesus.”

Bishop Menees currently serves as the provincial representative for the Anglican Church in North America in its ecumenical conversations with Roman Catholics through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. He is married to Florence Guadalupe and has two grown children, Milagro a registered nurse, and Sebastian a firefighter.

Headquartered in Bedford, Texas, Forward in Faith North America (FIFNA) is the catholic voice of Anglicanism in North America. We worship God the Father through His Son, Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit, living and proclaiming the catholic faith as received in the Anglican tradition. In addition to publishing a quarterly magazine, FIFNA also encourages priestly vocations by offering scholarships for catholic-minded seminarians that would like to serve in the Province. Visit for more information.